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Cartas a Venezuela

Cartas a Venezuela is an independent project, a deck of cards created as a reminder of what is missed and appreciated about our country, from my point of view and appreciation for Venezuela.

Here you can buy, and they are now available for sale, they are available for pickup in Caracas, Altos Mirandinos and in the United States in the Doral, Florida area.

By postal delivery available to almost the entire planet.

hoja sin cortar_1_edited_edited.jpg



Here you can see the project with the description corresponding to each card.


Note from client

Yesterday I recieved the deck, they're great

Note from client

Thankyou, today I recieved the decks I ordered,it was a great surprise for my Family Congratulations

Note from client

Thanks so much!! the cards are beautiful, I want to visit Venezuela!
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