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 3D Character Animation

Licensed Opticians


This video series highlights the benefits of visiting a Licensed Optician over any other alternatives. This series comedic approach surrounds the concept of giving a second thought to proper eye care.
Client: Licensed Optician
Direction: Linetest
Producer: Natalie Parolin
Design: Hao Chen, Mark Lee
3D Artist: Charlie Mckenna
Lighting: Seok Jang
Animation: Ronald Segovia, Shibu Varghese Mathew, Corey Belina
Modelling: Woong Park, Paul McMahon
Motion Graphics: Andrew Chevrier
Sound Design: Humberto Corte

Animation award

Apr 2015  Applied Arts Magazine

2015 winner of an Applied Arts Magazine Design award in the Craft Motion/Animation category

Student Short Film VFS 2013

Animation, Lighting, texturing,modeling and Design by Ronald Segovia.

Rigging: Ronald Segovia and Phillip Wong.

Compositing: Ronald Segovia, Zhenyuan Shi and Seung Joon lee

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